International Dialogue & African Perspectives

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The global system continues to be in crisis, with multiple challenges of slow economic growth, climate-related disasters, growing inequality, debilitating identity politics, and an ever-shrinking civic space. International dialogue and rule-making occurs increasingly in exclusive circles or corporate transnational boardrooms. The voices of African people, especially women, marginalized groups, non-government actors and African governments are often on the periphery of decision-making processes. This programme focuses on the major political, economic, and social trends that influence and affect the African continent. Through African led decolonial and feminist research, analysis and regional and international dialogue, we will promote the principle of global solidarity, human rights and gender democracy to strengthen a societal vision of a just, feminist and sustainable development path for Africa.
Latest Articles & Publications

Using Public Space in the Global South

Public space only comes alive when it is used. This seems obvious, but using public space in South African cities is to come up against a long history linking back to Apartheid spatial planning. This legacy of control permeates almost every aspect of public space and is highly visible across many areas of urban life. This research brief as part of the Global South Public Space Platform looks across the parallel contexts of South Africa and Colombia pointing to alternative approaches to create dynamic and resilient cities.

On 23 August 2023, Zimbabweans will head to the polls to vote for councillors, members of parliament, and a president who will represent them for the next five years. Much has been said about the shortcomings of past Zimbabwean elections, resulting in lost opportunities for real change. The dossier explores perspectives from Zimbabwean activists and citizens as they continue to struggle for free and fair elections despite growing authoritarianism and political violence.

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