Education challenges debated at Sabec 2014

Provincial education departments must drive a public education campaign on schools funding and the regulations that govern it. This is one of the recommendations that Corruption Watch campaigns and stakeholder relations manager Ronald Menoe delivered on behalf of the organisation at the second South African Basic Education Conference (Sabec).

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Climate Governance Handbook

The Heinrich Boll Foundation Southern Africa, working with Inter Press Services (IPS) Africa has published a handbook for journalists titled Climate Governance in Africa. The handbook covers key tools for journalists who want to report on climate governance on the African continent and provides a succinct overview of the governance issues the continent has to contend with

Democracy & Social Justice

Robert Mugabe

In response to serious electoral irregularities and human rights abuses in the Parliamentary and Presidential elections in 2000 and 2002 respectively many Western countries decided to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe and its president Mugabe. Is it time for these measures to be removed?

Since the inception of Corruption Watch in 2012, a large number of complaints forwarded to the organisation related to corruption in schools. In response, over the course of 2013 and with the support of the Heinrich Boll Foundation, Corruption Watch launched a campaign to increase reporting of and combat corruption in South Africa's schools.

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Sustainable Development

In support of a training programme for African journalists, the Heinrich Boll Foundation commissioned experts to develop fact sheets on four selected topics on the governance of climate change in Africa.

Tackling Urban Energy Poverty in South Africa

Despite the great progress that has been achieved by the South African government in terms of electrification, urban energy poverty remains an issue.

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Gender & Sexual Diversity

FITRAH is a documentary that explores the dilemma queer Muslims face when negotiating the troubled space between sexual orientation, gender identity and Islam.

The Traditional Courts Bill (TCB) is dead. This follows years of opposition from civil society and is a massive victory for the thousands of people in rural parts of the country who spoke out against the bill during provincial public hearings.

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Resource Politics

Perspectives #01/2014: Africa Rising: Who Benefits from the Continent's Economic Growth?

With this edition of Perspectives, the Heinrich Böll Foundation gives Africa based commentators and experts from across the continent the opportunity to critically reflect on the “Africa rising” story and the sub-narratives it carries, including the rise of the African woman, the rise of the African middle class and the power of innovation.

WoMin is a regional project established in 2013 that focuses on issues related to women, gender and extractivism. Supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and others, the project provides a platform of solidarity and co-operation involving civil society organisations and movements working on or with an interest in extractivism and women's rights in Africa.

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International Politics

G20 and BRICS Update Newsletter

The Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, the G20 and BRICS Update, focused on the G20 summits and BRICS processes.

Perspectives #01/2012: A Fractious Relationship - Africa and the International Criminal Court

Although there continues to be widespread popular support across the African continent for the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its mandate to prosecute high-level individuals accused of perpetrating international crimes, strong anti-ICC sentiments are brewing among parts of Africa’s political elite and state actors.

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