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Democracy & Social Justice

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Sustainable Development

Financing Investments in the Energy Sector

South Africa is heavily dependent on coal as a source of energy. However, a growing body of research and modelling shows that it is possible for South Africa to make a significant shift to renewable energy. But despite this, and despite its commitments under the Paris Agreement, South Africa continues to build new coal-fired power stations and to authorise major new coal mines. 

By Amanda Luxande
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Gender & Sexual Diversity

Journalism Fellowship responds to gender-based violence


Through the support of the HBF and NSM journalism fellowship, youth reporters in South Africa use the platform of radio to speak out against gender based violence and domestic violence. The fellowship was undertaken in partnership with the Children’s Radio Foundation.

By Claudia Lopes

Watch: Seeking Shelter

“When I ran to the bathroom, locked the door behind me thinking I would be safe, he would kick a hole through that door and come through...I had to be obedient because I didn’t want to end up dead.” With these chilling words commences a video on the provision of shelter for abused women. Watch it here...

By Claudia Lopes
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Resource Politics

Watch: Rooibos Restitution

After a long struggle to protect the rights of indigenous communities, a landmark decision has been taken by the Rooibos Industry to enter into negotiations with the Khoi and San as the associated traditional knowledge rights holders to the uses of Rooibos. An Access and Benefit Sharing Agreement is currently being concluded between the two parties based on mutually agreed terms, and in compliance with Nagoya Protocol.
By Amanda Luxande
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International Politics

A Political Fraud

Interview on the situation in Zimbabwe with Brian Raftopoulos, Director of Research and Advocacy, Solidarity Peace Trust.

By Brian Raftopoulos
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