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Shelters for abused women play a critical role in providing protection, care and psychosocial support to those affected by Gender-Based Violence. The Domestic Violence Act (1998) enshrines the state’s obligation to provide survivors of abuse with shelters, but whilst the act is a crucial piece of legislation, the provision of sheltering services has not been without its challenges. HBS Project Manager Claudia Lopes recently spoke to SAfm about a new project which aims to support state accountability for adequate and effective provision of domestic violence survivor support programmes, specifically those associated with the provision of shelter for abused women.

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FOCUS UPM Newsletter - August 2015

In this edition of our newsletter we report on the decaying state of governance in our Makana Municipality in Grahamstown.

Democracy & Social Justice

Magamba Network
Tune in to Zimbabwe's cutting edge weekly satire show that hilariously picks apart the local and international news.
Magamba Network

As Zimbabwe shut down and Bulawayo burned Comrade Fatso caught up with the ‪#‎Tajamuka‬ movement involved in the protests. Watch ‪#‎TheWeek‬ for the funny exclusive one-on-one interview with #Tajamuka spokesperson Comrade Promise Mkwananzi. Comrade Fatso asks him if he is an imperialist-sponsored sell-out and if they like burning things so much why don't they go KwaMereki? All this and more on #TheWeek.

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Sustainable Development

Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant
On the 9th of March 2016, the Heinrich Boell Foundation in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies and the Goedgedacht Forum held a technical workshop on the prudence of South Africa's nuclear power aspirations.
Chilean Volcano Ash Spotted Over South Africa

If Africa wants to realise its ambitions of a Cape-to-Cairo trade route of bankable renewable energy suppliers, it’s going to need political will that crosses national borders. Last month, the southern continent’s economic bloc SADC announced that it is on track to launch its regional renewable energy strategy next year, writes Leonie Joubert.

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Gender & Sexual Diversity

Saartjie - on Domestic Violonce

June is notable for having two commemorative days dedicated to younger persons: International Children’s Day1 on the 1 st of June and South Africa’s Youth Day on June 16. Sadly, however, there remains very little for young people in South Africa to celebrate, particularly in the light of excessive levels of violence and sexual abuse directly targeting or negatively impacting young persons.

In a new project launching tomorrow (Friday, 20 May) – Enhancing State Responsiveness to Gender-Based Violence: Paying the True Costs – the National Shelter Movement (NSM) of South Africa joins forces with the Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF) Southern Africa to keep the spotlight squarely focused on domestic violence in South Africa (SA) and how government interventions meet the diverse needs of survivors.

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Resource Politics

A Story of Bioprospecting in South Africa
Rooibos is a profitable resource used all over the world. Yet, the Khoi and San communities who have discovered the potential of the plant for several purposes have not benefited from this success.
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International Politics

Informed by the discussions at an international conference on ‘Emerging Power or Fading Star? South Africa’s Role on the Continent and Beyond’, 12-14 July in Cape Town, this summary report sheds light on some of the shades of grey that define South Africa’s role and place in the world today.


For civil society agendas in support of sustainable development, human rights, and accountable and participatory governance, the increased involvement of institutional investors in infrastructure projects raises a number of issues.

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