This is a 2-minute trailer on the current and much awaited HBS documentary developed by Sylvia Vollenhoven from Vision in Africa in collaboration with Natural Justice. The central character of the story is the unique Rooibos tea that has a long tradition of use amongst indigenous communities, and rests comfortably where it is endemic along the slopes of the Cederburg Mountains.

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Read this step by step guide to understanding and analyzing a local government budget with a focus on a specific service delivery issue. The guide was a collaborative effort with the International Budget Partnership-South Africa and the Accounting for Basic Services project.

Democracy & Social Justice

Tune in to Zimbabwe's cutting edge weekly satire show that hilariously picks apart the local and international news.

Repression of civil society is on the rise all over the world. The charter aims to support civil society organizations as activists throughout the world, to advocate for their rights and freedom of action, and to demand government guarantees.

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Sustainable Development

Energy poverty is complex and multi-faceted issue and is driven by a diverse range of social and economic factors such as rising electricity prices, household incomes, energy inefficient homes to name a few. To do justice to developing energy poverty solutions, these issues need to be well understood.

This report presents an update on the current state of energy poverty in South African cities. It explores the energy poverty-gender nexus in the urban environment, an aspect that is largely overlooked. The report addresses some of the key factors influencing energy poverty and presents the manifestations of urban energy poverty. Furthermore, reviews the current impact of key pro-poor energy policies towards aims to further develop suitable gender-sensitive energy solutions for urban municipalities.


This documentary follows the experiences of urban farmers and food gardeners in townships in and around Ekhuruleni, East of Johannesburg as they attempt to deal with the challenge that is climate change. The aim of the documentary is to raise awareness around how climate change is affecting people’s livelihoods as it pertains to the growing phenomenon of food insecurity in South Africa.

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Gender & Sexual Diversity

Stakeholders working to combat Gender-Based Violence question to what extent the 2017/18 budget reflect government’s commitment to effectively meet the true costs associated with addressing violence against women and children.

By honouring Nomarussia Bonase with this award, the jury of the Anne Klein Women’s Award 2017 acclaims the work and commitment of a South African activist who tirelesly advocates for women’s rights, gender democracy, reparation and reconciliation. Nomarussia Bonase is a role model to many.

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Resource Politics

On Wednesday 8 February 2017, as mine industry executives gathered at the Cape Town International Convention Centre for the Invest in Africa Mining Indaba, Sonke Gender Justice with support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation protested in front of the Cecil Rhodes statue in the Company Gardens, Cape Town.

This paper discusses the ways in which community protocols can be an effective tool for communities to respond to extractive industry projects in their area. It provides an overview of what has taken place over the last three years in four pilot community protocol processes and captures lessons that can be applied to future processes.

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International Politics


If some of the most powerful twenty countries in the world are committed to building cooperation with Africa then the best way to do this is allowing Africans to set the agenda and to be at the table as an equal partner.

Informed by the discussions at an international conference jointly organised by the German Development Institute, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Stanford University on “Emerging Power or Fading Star? South Africa’s Role on the Continent and Beyond”, held 12–14 July 2016 in Cape Town, the articles gathered in this edition of Perspectives shed light on some of the nuances and challenges that define South Africa’s place in the world today.

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Dossier: G20 in Germany 2017