BRICS leaders in Brazil

Creating infrastructure for the New Development Bank is a milestone for Brics, writes Sanusha Naidu.

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Eye on the Money: Women and Government Priorities in South Africa

This review of the national budget for 2014, as delivered by finance minister Pravin Gordhan on 26 February 2014, gauges the extent to which government invests in what it has identified as priorities for the country and assesses the impact of government spending choices for the 2014/15 financial on women.

Democracy & Social Justice

Members of the SJC and NU Map Toilets in Khayelitsha
Two organisations have teamed up to map public flush toilet locations in Khayelitsha. They will launch an interactive website and phone-based reporting system to improve efficiency in toilet maintenance.
Khayelitsha township

The Social Justice Coalition, a partner of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, welcomes the recent decision made by the City of Cape Town to not renew its contract with Tedcor.

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Sustainable Development

Climate Governance Handbook

The Heinrich Boll Foundation Southern Africa, working with Inter Press Services (IPS) Africa has published a handbook for journalists titled Climate Governance in Africa. The handbook covers key tools for journalists who want to report on climate governance on the African continent and provides a succinct overview of the governance issues the continent has to contend with

In support of a training programme for African journalists, the Heinrich Boll Foundation commissioned experts to develop fact sheets on four selected topics on the governance of climate change in Africa.

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Gender & Sexual Diversity

South Africa's response to the brutal rape of 17-year-old Anene Booysen was "sporadic and uncoordinated", according to a Heinrich Böll Foundation research paper that was released at the beginning of July.

Women make up more than half of South Africa's population and as of 2013, more women than men were registered to vote. One would think then, that political parties would recognise women as a significant portion of the vote. However, despite the increased representation and participation of women in political life, there has not been an observable shift in the political arena.

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Resource Politics

Resource Politics for a Fair Future

How could a just and democratic resource politics look like that respects both planetary boundaries and human rights? The Memorandum “Resource Politics for a Fair Future” is the outcome of a two-year international dialogue process of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Perspectives #01/2014: Africa Rising: Who Benefits from the Continent's Economic Growth?

With this edition of Perspectives, the Heinrich Böll Foundation gives Africa based commentators and experts from across the continent the opportunity to critically reflect on the “Africa rising” story and the sub-narratives it carries, including the rise of the African woman, the rise of the African middle class and the power of innovation.

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International Politics

G20 and BRICS Update Newsletter

The Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, the G20 and BRICS Update, focused on the G20 summits and BRICS processes.

Perspectives #01/2012: A Fractious Relationship - Africa and the International Criminal Court

Although there continues to be widespread popular support across the African continent for the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its mandate to prosecute high-level individuals accused of perpetrating international crimes, strong anti-ICC sentiments are brewing among parts of Africa’s political elite and state actors.

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