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March 2020 Household Affordability Index

Published: 1 April 2020

An average increase of 7% on the Household Food Index from March 2019 up to the end of March 2020 is significant.  It is unclear at this stage whether this will come down in the coming weeks.


The Enablers Report

Published: 13 February 2020

Co-authored by Open Secrets and Shadow World Investigations, The Enablers investigative report explores the largely overlooked yet extensive evidence of the role of the private sector “enablers” in state capture.

January 2020 Household Affordability Index PMBEJD

January Household Affordability Index

Published: 31 January 2020

That ‘’Janu-worry’’ has entered the national lexicon is an indication that the household affordability crisis is no longer solely a working-class issue.  More households are struggling to make ends meet and this struggle is getting harder. 

The January 2020 Household Affordability Index shows dramatic spikes in food prices.