Energy Poverty and Gender in Urban South Africa

Energy Poverty and Gender in Urban South Africa

Africa’s Energy Future Project
Sustainable Energy Africa (2016)
Sustainable Energy Africa (2016)
Place of Publication: Southern Africa
Date of Publication: 2016
Number of Pages: 30
Language of Publication: English
License: All rights reserved.

Energy poverty is complex and multi-faceted issue and is driven by a diverse range of social and economic factors such as rising electricity prices, household incomes, energy inefficient homes to name a few. To do justice to developing energy poverty solutions, these issues need to be well understood.

This report presents an update on the current state of energy poverty in South African cities. It explores the energy poverty-gender nexus in the urban environment, an aspect that is largely overlooked. The report addresses some of the key factors influencing energy poverty and presents the manifestations of urban energy poverty. Furthermore, reviews the current impact of key pro-poor energy policies towards aims to further develop suitable gender-sensitive energy solutions for urban municipalities.


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