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A simplified guide to your housing and eviction rights

What is the purpose of this leaflet?

January 26, 2010
Many women are evicted from their homes by their husbands, partners, family members or the owners of their homes. Often, women are evicted with their children and do not have anywhere else to live. They then turn to shelters for temporary assistance or live in undesirable and unhealthy living conditions.

Sometimes these women have contributed to the home financially or in other ways such as by cleaning and maintaining the home or by taking care of the children. The husband or partner is then able to go to work and earn money to pay the bond over the property or the rent.

Some women reside on land in farm, agricultural or rural areas and are evicted from their homes with their children by the owners of the land

Women do not always know what their legal rights are to housing or their rights in terms of evictions and are evicted from their homes unfairly and illegally.

There are also circumstances where women who are in abusive marriages or relationships share a home with a husband, partner, ex- husband, expartner or family member who abuses them. They are not aware that they can obtain a protection order that prohibits the abuser from entering the home or a part of the home.

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