Dossier: Covid-19 Pandemic

Contributions by the Heinrich Boell Foundation and our Partners on the sociopolitical impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, has inevitably disrupted lives, social and economic systems across the world over. Like many, we, in South Africa, and abroad, are concerned with both how inequality will fuel the spread of the virus, and be fuelled by it. Unemployment, poverty, precarious work, unpaid work, excessive rates of violence against women and children, widespread disease burden and malnutrition, woefully inadequate public transport and health systems and miserly social safety nets mean that covid-19 will further test and erode the resilience of those with the fewest reserves the hardest. As we face this immense challenge, there is more than ever the need to support those who need it most; to prioritise mobilisation approaches that are inclusive, that centre the voices of those who have been marginalised, and that learn from the most vulnerable communities,many of whom have lived in crisis for years; and to expand our knowledge of digital organising resources and tactics, share political analysis, networks and strategies to rethink the impossible into the possible.


DV Safety Plan

Domestic Violence Safety Planning


While South Africa is in lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus, for those in abusive relationships, isolating at home presents additional risks. Our partner, the National Shelter Movement, has put together some suggestions for those needing to stay safe and seek help during this time.