It's an order guidebook

It’s An Order! Protection Orders Must Protect!

A simple guide to understanding Domestic Violence rights, responsibilities and referral pathways
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The Its An Order guidebook is a three-part guide developed by our partner MOSAIC, a community-based, non-governmental organisation (NGO) offering holistic and integrated programmes to prevent all forms of abuse and violence against women. The guidebook is aimed at providing practical information to victims of domestic violence (DV) and first responders to DV incidences and reports about rights, responsibilities and the law. It has been developed to provide an understanding of the law as related to the Constitution and how it must be applied to any person whether a victim of DV, a supporter of someone experiencing DV and/or a first responder or practitioner in the field.

The booklet forms part of Mosaic's SAFE-PR: STRENGTHENING ACTORS FOR EFFECTIVE PREVENTIVE RESPONSE project, a project that creates local multi-stakeholder platforms that are coordinated to work together to prevent DV through strengthening response systems to advance safety in relationships, homes and communities.

The It’s An Order guidebook is inspired by all survivors of DV, those who continue to grow and heal each day, those who have been let down by the care and justice system, and those whose lives were ultimately taken by the perpetrator of their abuse.

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