Aslam’s Coming Out

This video features the story of Aslam, a young Muslim boy who comes out to this mother. The video importantly depicts the trauma that queer Muslims experience when they try to reconcile their sexual orientation and gender identity with Islam but also the important supportive role that Imams can play in this regard.

Aslam’s Coming Out

The animation was produced by our partner, the Al-Ghurbaah Foundation written by its founder, Imam Muhsin Hendricks and created by Latheem Gabriels. The Foundation works at the intersections of religion and human rights and aims to garner the support of progressive Muslim scholars and Imams to address injustice and discrimination perpetrated in the name of Islam, especially against the queer community. The Foundation seeks to help queer Muslims reconcile with Islam and to assist the Muslim community in shifting mind-sets.

Aslam Coming Out 1 - Al-Ghurbaah Foundation / CCI Network

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