Mortgaging the Future: How Zanu PF Turns Zimbabwe’s Natural Resources into Party Political Electoral Advantage

Illicit political party funding poses significant threats to democracies worldwide. But to what extent do the fundraising practices of Zimbabwe’s political parties also threaten ecological and environmental justice? This research by the Centre of Natural Resource Governance assesses parties’ practice of selling mineral rights in the context of Zimbabwe’s 2018, 2013 and 2008 elections.

 	  Mortgaging The Future: How Zanu PF turns Zimbabwe’s natural resources into party political electoral advantage
An election billboard from the 2018 elections, allegedly funded illicitly.

Relying on informants and official documents, CNRG finds that donations from extractive industries are an integral part of ZANU PF’s election funding architecture. In many cases, it finds that these donations secure the donor access to resources at far less than their market value. Unfortunately, the report finds that while it is unable to do so at the same scale, MDC– Alliance (MDC-A) is open to using the same strategies – of promising to secure resources from foreign actors if it wins power. In some cases, it is suggested that opposition MPs turn a blind eye to mining companies’ violations in exchange for largesse, meaning weak parliamentary oversight of this issue.


This research report was originally published on the CNRG website.

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