Corona in Cape Town, South Africa: A documentary


Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster and media outlet, recently filmed a documentary on corona in South Africa and its impact on communities of Cape Town. DW Reporter Adrian Kriesch spoke to several community members including Caroline Peters of the Callas Foundation and the Cape Flat Women's Movement, one of our partners. Caroline runs a women's support group helping women who seek reprieve from domestic violence.

lockdown in Cape Town
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Caroline Peters

Cape Town has been in lockdown since March to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Many residents depend on food deliveries to get by. In one part of Cape Town, the groceries come from a former organized crime boss, while a few blocks away, hundreds of meals a day are served by the Callas Foundation. But this feeding scheme has done much more than fill hungry bellies. Watch the documentary to hear a little about how Caroline Peters, the founder of the Callas Foundation and one of the founding members of the Cape Flats Women's Movement, has been supporting women to find some form of reprieve from domestic violence.

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