Watch: Seeking Shelter

“When I ran to the bathroom, locked the door behind me thinking I would be safe, he would kick a hole through that door and come through...I had to be obedient because I didn’t want to end up dead.” With these chilling words commences a video on the provision of shelter for abused women.

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Seeking shelter: a video produced on the importance of adequately funding shelters for women

The video features interviews with survivors of intimate partner violence and shelter staff at three Cape Town-based shelters.  The video was produced to highlight the importance of adequately funding shelter services - services that are critical for women, and their children, seeking reprieve from abuse in the home. This video was produced in relation to the HBF and NSM's "Enhancing State Responsiveness to GBV: Paying the True Costs" project which is financially suppported by the European Union.

Watch the video below: