Engender Resource Kit

Engender Resource Kit

Engender Resource Kit
26. May. 2017
Heinrich Böll Foundation Southern Africa
Place of Publication: Cape Town
Date of Publication: March 2016
Number of Pages: 94
Language of Publication: English

The Engender project is a collaboration between the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Accidental Films and TV to pilot a television series on feminism, gender issues and key related concepts. The first three episodes explore the concept of feminism; feminism and intersectionality; and gendered representations in the media. In each episode, a set of core issues is discussed in depth in order to introduce viewers to a feminist understanding of the specific topic. This resource pack mirrors the TV series. Developed from research undertaken for each episode, it contains a summary of the content, key feminist quotes, links to more information, and some provocative questions to help deepen understanding and promote further discussion.



Table of contents:

  1. Introduction 1
  2. Core Messages 1
  3. What is Feminism 2
  4. Sexuality and Gender Identities 7
  5. History of Feminism 9
  6. Waves of Western Feminism 10 Western Feminism and Race 11
  7. Backlash 15
  8. History OF Feminism in Africa 17
  9. The African Feminist Forum 21
  10. Voice, Power and Soul: Portraits of African Feminists 22
  11. Feminism in South Africa 24
  12. Questions 31
  13. Guest Panelists

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