Open Dialogue for African NIEs of the Adaptation Fund

From 1 - 4 July, African National Implementing Entities (NIEs) of the Adaptation Fund met in Nairobi to discuss common obstacles and challenges affecting the slow access and uptake of climate finance on the continent. The workshop included regional and multi-lateral implementing entities of the AF as well as other domestic climate change funds in operation in Africa. The combined experience from NIEs and other domestic climate funds provided rich lessons for programming of direct access to climate finance more broadly.

The key messages coming out of this workshop will be directed to the Africa Group of Negotiators (AGN) and the Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) to deliberate and take these issues further in order to enhance “direct access” for Africa and the developing world as well as to inform ongoing developments in the international climate finance architecture, particularly readiness for the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Dowload the full workshop report here.