Climate Change


Climate Governance in Africa: A Handbook for Journalists


The Heinrich Boll Foundation Southern Africa, working with Inter Press Services (IPS) Africa has published a handbook for journalists titled Climate Governance in Africa. The handbook covers key tools for journalists who want to report on climate governance on the African continent and provides a succinct overview of the governance issues the continent has to contend with

Climate Change Governance Fact Sheets

In support of a training programme for African journalists, the Heinrich Boll Foundation commissioned experts to develop fact sheets on four selected topics on the governance of climate change in Africa.

Ensuring Climate Finance Effectiveness in Africa

This report provides an overview of the presentations and discussions held at a workshop on “Ensuring Climate Finance Effectiveness in Africa: Tools, Strategies and Emerging Lessons for African Civil Society”. The workshop was jointly hosted by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance and Transparency International Kenya.

Nature, Inc.?

Today, few people retain any illusions that United Nations conventions like the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity can avert global warming, the loss of biodiversity and the depletion of arable soil and water.

By Barbara Unmüßig

Towards a Framework for National Climate Finance Governance in Africa


The central ambition of this paper is to offer a framework for the appropriate climate finance architecture, one that identifies the key elements for a national set of institutional arrangements, and that would in its design serve to foster improved access and efficient, cost-effective, transparent, accountable, and equitable utilisation of climate finance by countries in Africa.