Sustainable Development

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Faced with on-going development challenges compounded by the imminent threat of a warming and unstable global climate, sustainable development considerations have never been more compelling in Southern Africa.

Responsible decision making requires that we balance social, economic, and environmental objectives, taking due consideration of rights-based approaches to development in order to sustain life and the well-being of our current and future generations. This philosophy underpins the Sustainable Development Programme which encompasses four main themes: climate change, energy, resource governance and green development. The programme seeks to facilitate platforms for civil society, policy makers, decision makers and other stakeholders traditionally left out of the mainstream discourse to ensure that the interconnectedness between humans and nature is understood.

Power Poverty Hunger - Food System Facts 2021

Power Poverty Hunger - Food System Facts 2021

Hunger and malnutrition are not accidental by-products of our food systems. This publication aims to present the causes of hunger and malnutrition, and show that clear political rules and strategies are needed to counter these realities.