Love in Hate: A documentary


Love in Hate is a documentary produced by our partner, Free Gender. It tells the story of Sinethemba, a young lesbian woman, and the challenges that she and her partner face due to their sexuality. But it is also a story of love and support despite it all.   

Love in Hate Documentary

Sinethemba is from Lwandle township in Strand, outside of the City of Cape town. Love in Hate is her story: the story of a young black lesbian in love. Love in Hate is also the story of how Sinethemba lives in the township with the acceptance and support of her family.

The environment where she lives is full of violence toward and hatred for black lesbians. In January of 2018, a young Lesbian, Noxolo Xakeka, was stabbed to death in Lwandle township by a young man driven by homophobia.

Sinethemba moved to eMfuleni township to be closer to her new school and stay with her lover. She was also loved and welcomed by her in laws. Sinethemba and her lover continue to face challenges because of their sexuality but because of the love and support from their families they grow stronger even in that homophobic environment.  

*Warning: This video contains sequences of flashing lights which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities.

LOVE IN HATE a film by FREE GENDER - Heinrich Böll Stiftung Office Cape Town

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