Afrofuturism = Radicality


For some time now, I’ve been trying to find new forms to address Afrofuturism. Making a factual introduction doesn’t interest me anymore, and I believe Wikipedia does it better.

By Mawena Yehouessi

How Did the African Future Begin?


How did the African future begin? It began with machines and pictures of machines. For most of us, it began in childhood.

By Imraan Coovadia

But Africans Don’t Do Speculative Fiction!?


While stories about the “fantastic” have a long tradition in oral and written storytelling in Africa, the continent is rarely associated with speculative fiction.

By Chiagozie Nwonwu

Moving Past Afrofuturism


Speculative-fiction author Rafeeat Aliyu speaks to writer, photographer and activist Masiyaleti Mbewe about a vision of the African future that Mbewe draws from her life and experiences in various African countries, including Zambia, where she was born, and Namibia, where she’s currently based.

By Rafeeat Aliyu, Masiyaleti Mbewe

The New Image of Africa in Black Panther


Wakanda, the fictional home-country of the superhero Black Panther, might be set in Africa, but the terms of its representation were crafted in Hollywood. The child of Marvel and Disney, birthed by American director Ryan Coogler, is not, strictly speaking, an African project. Yet the movie sparked a special interest across the continent.

By Ainehi Edoro