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The Enablers Report

Co-authored by Open Secrets and Shadow World Investigations, The Enablers investigative report explores the largely overlooked yet extensive evidence of the role of the private sector “enablers” in state capture.

January 2020 Household Affordability Index PMBEJD

January Household Affordability Index

That ‘’Janu-worry’’ has entered the national lexicon is an indication that the household affordability crisis is no longer solely a working-class issue.  More households are struggling to make ends meet and this struggle is getting harder. 

The January 2020 Household Affordability Index shows dramatic spikes in food prices.

December 2019 Household Affordability Index PMBEJD

December Household Affordability Index

December has seen dramatic spikes in food prices with prices increasing for most of the meats and vegetables in the household food basket.

It is expected that prices rise annually in December. These increases however are harder to absorb during this time because of the shorter working days and hours in this period. Workers have less money in their pockets whilst simultaneously having to pay higher prices for goods.

October 2019 Household Affordability Index PMBEJD

October Household Affordability Index

Food prices continue to rise. The trajectory is an upward trend. October 2019 sees a third consecutive month of increases in the cost of the household food basket which may continue to rise into the new year.

What we do

Inequality, poverty and the failure to deliver quality public services such as health and education threaten to undo democratic gains in the region.  In response, the Democracy & Social Justice programme seeks to strengthen the political voice of marginalised groups advocating for socio-economic rights and the equitable use of state resources to address injustice.

The programme supports citizen groups’ engagement with policy, analysis of budgets and social audits.  It also supports citizen networks and network building that seek to build public ownership of democratic institutions, and hold them to account for their role in building a just society. The programme specifically targets social movements and membership based organisations.

As feminism is a central tenet of all HBF programmes, this programme works towards the vision of a society and institutions which actively respond to – and attempt to correct – the political and socio-economic realities of gender inequality.