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People must continue to strive for democracy


Akpan Hogan Ekpo, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Uyo University in Nigeria, talks about the state of democracy in South Africa 25 years after the end of apartheid.

South Africa's Political Parties Through a Feminist Lens

Partner Analysis

Using an intersectional feminist framework, the Women and Democracy Initiative (WDI) analysed both the manifestos and track records of the country's three leading parties, alongside that of Women Forward (WF), a small women-led party contesting the elections for the second time. The analysis considers not only what these parties say on issues commonly labeled as ‘women’s', but also applies a feminist lens to the parties approaches to unemployment, wages, land and home ownership, social security, education and health. Grandstanding on gender during elections is the norm, with parties often taking the over-promise and underdeliver route. This analysis can serve as a feminist barometer on how parties act on these promises after elections.

By Women and Democracy Initiative, Dullah Omar Institute

April 2019 Household Affordability Index

Partner Publication

April's Household Affordability Index finds that government's decision to introduce zero-ratings (VAT exclusions) on basic products has had no impact on the food baskets of struggling South African households.