Social-Economic Rights

A Guide to Local Government Budget Advocacy
Read this step by step guide to understanding and analyzing a local government budget with a focus on a specific service delivery issue. The guide was a collaborative effort with the International Budget Partnership-South Africa and the Accounting for Basic Services project.
FOCUS UPM Newsletter - August 2015

In this edition of our newsletter we report on the decaying state of governance in our Makana Municipality in Grahamstown.

Scholars in Class
On Friday, 11 March 2016, the Equal Education Law Centre (EELC) and Equal Education (EE) made submissions on the 2016 Division of Revenue Bill before the Standing Committee on Appropriations in Parliament. The submissions provided detailed and critical analysis of the 2016 budget and allocations to education spend, particularly in relation to school infrastructure and scholar transport.
The struggle for decent sanitation and a fair budget in Cape Town

Today, the Social Justice Coalition and Khayelitsha residents will be making submissions on the 2016/17 draft budget which was tabled on 31 March by Mayor Patricia de Lille. Their target: persuading the City to solve the problem of sanitation in informal settlements.

FOCUS UPM Newsletter - November 2015

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 21 October, xenophobic attacks broke out in Grahamstown. Foreign nationals as well as South African citizens from other parts of the country were attacked, and their shops looted. The Unemployed People's Movement warned police of rising tensions in the community, and convened a community meeting on October 12 to discuss matters with the police. 

South Africa‘s Expanded Public Works Programme in the social sector and its impact on women
This publication sets out to provide a critical assessment of South Africa's Expanded Public Works Programme from the perspective of those most vulnerable: impoverished women.
Water Awareness Workshops
Watch this beautifully filmed video about a group of women in Makhaza who, in partnership with the Environmental Monitoring Group and the Coalition for Environmental Justice, are looking for positive, empowering alternatives for addressing leaks and debt where they live.
Fighting for Sanitation in South Africa's Schools

In March and April 2015, Equal Education led an effort including 10 community based organisations, 500 students, parents, teachers and grandparents belonging to the Gauteng Education Crisis Coalition in auditing the learning conditions of 200,000 students in over 200 schools in more than 20 communities in Gauteng – about 10% of the township schools in the province. This is one of the largest social audits in South Africa to date.

Authors Melanie Verwoerd and Sonwabiso Ngcowa of 21 at 21, the Coming of Age of a Nation.

Sometimes, novelist Sonwabiso Ngcowa observes, a narrative form can tell you more. More, he means, than statistics, analysis and the dispassionate gaze that generates even the most accurate impressions of a time or a society.

South Africans protest on Human Rights Day. Photo: supplied.

The past weeks’ violence will have come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the persistent demonization and denigration of foreigners in the country’s townships. Although the world woke up to the deadly mix of violence and xenophobia in May 2008, attacks on foreigners and other outsiders neither began nor ended in 2008 writes Loren Landau.