Argentina and Brazil: New Territories for West African Migration


Brazil and Argentina have become part of the ever-changing geography of African migration. Regis Minvielle chronicles the precariousness of African migrants’ lives as the two countries reconsider the generous immigration policies that were created during their boom years.

By Régis Minvielle

The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework: A Perspective from Kenya


In Kenya, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) is seeking to break new ground. In a clear departure from the humanitarian aid approach of the past, a new initiative aims to promote self-reliance among encamped refugees and local host communities alike. Although supportive of its ideas, Felicity Okoth is quick to identify a number of policy and political obstacles to its implementation.

By Felicity Okoth

Nigerian Migrants in China: Changing the Narrative


Oreva Olakpe looks past newspaper headlines of illegal migration and drug trafficking to investigate the fascinating and elaborate community structures developed by Nigerians living in Guangzhou, China.

By Oreva Olakpe

Zimbabwe After the Coup: Prospects for Real Political Change

While Robert Mugabe’s departure after 37 years was widely welcomed, he was replaced by his former vicepresident in what was no less than a military coup. That Emmerson Mnangagwa has long been a member of the political establishment clearly raises doubts about his desire for meaningful political reform.

By McDonald Lewanika

Advocate Thuli Madonsela: Whispering Truth to Power

In South Africa, Jacob Zuma’s presidency posed the most difficult test yet to the country’s young democracy. This article offers a powerful portrait of the country’s public protector, Thuli Madonsela, who fearlessly “whispered truth to power” throughout the Zuma era.

By Shameela Seedat

Kenya’s Judiciary: Agent of Justice under Difficult Circumstances


Kenya’s Supreme Court declared the August 8 presidential elections invalid due to irregularities and ordered a new vote. Constitutional expert Yash Ghai unpacks how this episode highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of the judiciary in consolidating constitutionalism and political accountability in Kenya.

By Yash Ghai