Climate Change

Sebenza uMhlaba - Fighting Climate Change

This documentary follows the experiences of urban farmers and food gardeners in townships in and around Ekhuruleni, East of Johannesburg as they attempt to deal with the challenge that is climate change. The aim of the documentary is to raise awareness around how climate change is affecting people’s livelihoods as it pertains to the growing phenomenon of food insecurity in South Africa.

Green City

This guide looks at citizen engagement with local government regarding service provision, what those services are and what role ordinary citizens can play in greening their cities.

African CSO Winter School on the ADP Final Report

This report summarises the discussions at the "African Civil Society Winter School on the 2015 Climate Agreement: Re-strategizing and Re-thinking African Climate Action" which was hosted jointly by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung and Pan African Climate and Environmental Justice Alliance in September 2015.

Climate Change Negotiations

This publication provides a snapshot of some of the challenges African CSOs have faced over the years in advocating and lobbying for urgent and enhanced action to address the climate change crisis on the continent in line with countries’ development priorities.

The provision of predictable and adequate finance is critical if developing countries are going to make meaningful progress in enhancing their resilience to adverse climate impacts and reducing carbon emissions. This report summarises the discussions at a 3 day open dialogue for accredited National Implementing Entities of the Adaption Fund and institutions wishing to gain accreditation in Southern Africa.

African CSO Winter School on the 2015 Climate Agreement (ADP) Report

In August 2014, the Heinrich Boell Foundation convened a Winter School with civil society representatives from various African countries to deliberate and to develop a common understanding of what the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action means for Africa and what it needs to deliver in order to respond to Africa’s priorities and challenges in the context of climate change.

Learning from Direct Access Modalities in Africa

The aim of this report is to support the debates in climate finance by providing insights into the processes of programming climate finance domestically in Africa.

From 1 - 4 July, African National Implementing Entities (NIEs) of the Adaptation Fund met in Nairobi to discuss common obstacles and challenges affecting the slow access and uptake of climate finance on the continent.

Climate Governance Handbook

The Heinrich Boll Foundation Southern Africa, working with Inter Press Services (IPS) Africa has published a handbook for journalists titled Climate Governance in Africa. The handbook covers key tools for journalists who want to report on climate governance on the African continent and provides a succinct overview of the governance issues the continent has to contend with

In support of a training programme for African journalists, the Heinrich Boll Foundation commissioned experts to develop fact sheets on four selected topics on the governance of climate change in Africa.