Rivers of Life: Lesbian Stories and Poems

This book is not just about lesbians and transgender people. More than a collection of their life stories—it is a recollection of the stories of their lives; revelations of bravery; strength and poise; a tale of survival in the complex and constant struggle between the normalcy of life and the distinctiveness of self.

Renewables in South Africa: The Need for a Developmental Case


In contrast to Germany, environmental questions are not yet a voting issue in South Africa. However, providing greater access to energy is a high priority. What can a developing country take away from Germany’s experiences? What are the chances of South Africa taking a leading role in Africa’s Energiewende?

Powering Africa Through Feed-In Tariffs


The Heinrich Böll Stiftung and the World Future Council commissioned a comprehensive study to assess the existing and drafted REFiT policies in 13 African countries with the aim of examining the policy drivers and socio-economic effects of REFiTs and analyse both supportive and obstructive factors for their effective implementation. The study shows that, REFiTs are a promising mechanism to unlock renewable energy development in Africa.

G20 and BRICS Update Newsletter

The Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, the G20 and BRICS Update, focused on the G20 summits and BRICS processes.

The G20’s Energy Infrastructure Plans for Africa: What is Missing?


The G20’s commitment to conventional solutions obscures the possibility of other alternatives. Even though the alternatives present challenges in terms of replication, cost, and scale, the G20 summit in Mexico in June 2012 should re-cast the criteria for selecting and financing energy projects to highlight modular, renewable energy solutions.