Perspectives #02/2010: South Africa and the 2010 World Cup


With only a few weeks to kick-off, South Africa’s readiness for the 2010 Fifa World Cup is evident, and tickets have been snapped up by South Africans – enthusiastic football fans and those simply caught up in the excitement. Notwithstanding the satisfaction that the “Afro-pessimists” have been proven wrong, South Africa’s successful bid for the 2010 Fifa World Cup triggered heated debates. The collection of articles gathered here presents some of these discussions.

South African Mining Companies in Southern Africa

South African companies are increasingly looking for investment opportunities in the wider SADC region in a bid to benefit from favourable international markets for minerals, in competition with western and Asian companies. These investments have social and environmental impacts on people working in, and living around, mines. This book assesses South African mining and gas companies corporate governance and social responsibilities in five SADC countries.

We can't afford not to - Costing the provision of functional school - Publications

This paper pursues three closely related objectives: to review the field of international and local research which, particularly over the past two decades, has pointed to the positive causal relationship between functional school libraries and improved learner outcomes; to contextualize the current state of affairs in South African schools; and lastly, to provide detailed cost estimates which can be used as the basis for a comprehensive implementation plan.

Mining in Tanzania: Status and Challenges - Resource Governance

Tanzania’s mining sector has grown rapidly in recent years. This study provides background information on the industry, its impacts, and the legal and political environment of its operation. It argues for a joint effort of all stakeholders to overcome typical challenges of the extractive resource industry in Africa, in order to make Tanzania the “best performer in her class”.

Perspectives #03/2009: The Global Economic Crisis and South Africa


South Africa officially entered recession in May 2009, its first in 17 years. As the global economic crisis has hit key drivers of growth South Africa’s economy has been expected to shrink by 2% in 2009. This issue of Perspectives discusses the implications of the global economic crisis for South Africa, and analyses the government’s responses in relation to social justice, gender equity and sustainable development principles.

Civil society and the post-Polokwane South African state: assessing civil society’s prospects of improved policy engagement - Publications

Citizens' organisations in South Africa may have more influence than they believe - but only if they think more strategically and try harder to represent people at the grassroots. This is the key finding of this study of civil society organisations undertaken by the Centre for the Study of Democracy at Rhodes University and the University of Johannesburg and funded by the Heinrich Boell Foundation.