The Anatomy of Terror - Publications

This research analyses how militia bases in the countryside of Zimbabwe have been used as an instrument of terror and intimidation, and identifies possible interventions to avoid a repetition of widespread human rights abuses during forthcoming elections.

Perspectives #01/2011: Food Security in Africa


Looking at case studies from Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, the authors in this issue of Perspectives suggest appropriate measures for ensuring food security, fighting hunger and promoting sustainable approaches to natural resources management.

Perspectives #03/2010: The Challenges of Change: Improving Resource Governance in Africa


This issue of Perspectives sheds light on the successes and setbacks of initiatives aimed at improving resource governance in Africa – namely the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme in Zimbabwe, the Nigerian Extractive Industries Initiative, and the Publish What You Pay Coalition in Tanzania. The articles demonstrate that while present local and international efforts to address resource governance issues have yielded some benefits, they continue to face serious challenges.