Gender & Sexual Diversity

Gender & Sexual Diversity

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Media Statement – Relief for Single Parents Seeking School Fee Exemptions

Yesterday, the Equal Education Law Centre (EELC) secured a significant judgment in the Supreme Court of Appeal relating to the burden that single parents, particularly single mothers, face when seeking to ensure access to education for their children. EELC’s client, Michelle Saffer, struggled for more than 6 years to secure a vindication of her rights - her courage and tenacity has paved the way for greater certainty and clarity for parents in her position. The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) entered the case as a friend of the court, highlighting the impact of the current fee exemption scheme in fee paying schools on women who are similarly placed as Ms Saffer and the manner in which the current framework discriminates against women.

Former Domestic Abuse Victim Empowers Women in Similar Situations

Through a journalist fellowship associated to their “Enhancing State Responsiveness to Gender-Based Violence: Paying the True Costs” EU-funded project, HBF and the National Shelter Movement of South Africa raise awareness of domestic violence and the importance of shelter services to survivors.  In this article, Health E-News citizen journalist Lindiwe Msibi, tells the story of one courageous woman who survived being shot and stabbed by her abusive husband and how she, and her children, found the reprieve they needed through various shelters for women.
By Lindiwe Msibi

Domestic Violence, Rape & Ritual Killings Plague Vhembe

In this article, Health E-News citizen journalist Ndivhuwo Mukwevho, reports on the services of Limpopo-based Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme and their concerns about the increase in murder and other forms of violence committed against women in the community. On average the organisation attends to 120 new cases of domestic violence, mostly related to intimate partner violence, and 40 rape cases a month. This article is one of several being produced through a journalist fellowship to raise awareness of domestic violence and the importance of shelter services. The fellowship is associated to HBF and National Shelter Movement of South Africa's “Enhancing State Responsiveness to Gender-Based Violence: Paying the True Costs” EU-funded project
By Ndivhuwo Mukwevho
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Covering Sexual and Gender Minorities & Religion in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Reporting Guide for Journalists


In Sub-Saharan Africa, as in much of the world, reporting on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression (SOGIE) can be tricky. Cultural taboos, entrenched stereotypes, social hostilities, legal prohibitions and editorial censorship often distort coverage of these sensitive topics. Add religion to the mix and producing responsible journalism on sexual and gender minorities can seem impossible.

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What we do

Realising substantive gender equality in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe has been challenging. Progressive legislation and policies have not always been translated into effective government programmes. Some of the gains that have been achieved are being threatened by rising traditionalism and reactionary populism. Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people and communities in the region remain disadvantaged, stigmatised and excluded from many aspects of economic, political and social life.

Public and political awareness-raising and the prevention of gender based and sexual violence are therefore core focus areas of our work. We also partner with key civil society actors as well as public and religious thought leaders to effectively challenge homophobic policies, legislations and attitudes.

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